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Send sample

The samples can be shipped to the following address:

Antoniou Petralia 36 and G. Papadreou
27 200, Amaliada
Tel. (+30) 26220 28816
Email address: info@edafologiko.gr

Shipping instructions

Prepare sample

Samples should be shipped in separate double sealed polyethylene bags.

Be careful not to include too many samples in the same plastic shipping bag of the sample to avoid contamination and alteration of the sample composition.

Recommended quantity of samples

Soil: 0.8 to 1 kg per sample,

Leaves - Plant tissues: 100 – 150 γραμμάρια per sample,

Irrigation water - Nutrient solutions: 0.5 λίτρα

Sample shipping instructions

It is preferable to use small boxes up to 30L x 20W x 10H cm instead of envelopes, so that the samples are adequately protected during transport.

When using envelopes, use only envelopes that have special internal protection with air bubbles.

For irrigation water samples, use half-liter (0.5 lt) water bottles, screw the cap tightly and secure it around the perimeter with insulating tape. Place the bottle in a plastic bag.


Weekly shipping days should be Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday for delivery 1-2 days from shipment.

The shipping charge is free from two (2) samples and more, through the ACS COURIER network.

Shipping 2 samples, maximum weight 2 kg with the package.

In case of sending small envelopes or boxes (maximum dimensions 30cm x 20cm x 10cm) of packaging, the shipment should not exceed the total weight of 2 kg.

In the case of parcel shipment, the shipment should not exceed the weight of 20 kg, either actual or volumetric, based on the combination of size and weight (volumetric system of the International Air Transport Organization IATA) which is calculated by multiplying the three dimensions of the package and dividing by 5000.

Volumetric weight (in kilograms) = (length) X (width) X (height) in centimeters / 5000

Example of volumetric weight calculation

For sending a package with packaging dimensions Length: 55 cm, Width: 45 cm, Height: 35 cm the volumetric weight (in kilos) is 55x45x35 / 5000 = 18 kg volumetric weight

For the shipment, the rules of maximum weight of the shipment should be followed, so that it does not exceed 1 kg / sample, as follows:

Number of samples Maximum Actual Weight (Kg) Maximum Volumetric Weight (Kg) Recommended packaging Dimensions (maximum)
2 2 2 Envelope with air bubbles inside Α3 (29,7 cm x 42 cm)
3 – 10 10 10 Package 30 cm x 20 cm x 10 cm
10 – 20 20 20 Package

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Declaration - Notification

Samples of commercial value are not accepted. The laboratory does not undertake the analysis of samples relating to archeology or in any way related to archaeological sites or finds that are normally sold in antiquities markets or other valuable or invaluable items, unless they have been submitted for analysis and paid for by a recognized government organization, large museum, or other official public body investigating the sample, as part of interdisciplinary academic collaboration.